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Easy and Fun DIY Projects for Rainy Days

Rainy days might keep you from your favorite outdoor activities, but that is no excuse to spend the day in front of the TV. With your DIY skills and the right tools, you can do a number of rainy day projects that can be both fun and productive.

Some of these fun DIYs to do at home are great for spending a little time with your kids, and others might be a good opportunity to get a little indoor home improvement work done. Before you decide to waste the day on your couch, check out a few of our favorite DIY things to do on a rainy day. These fun DIYs include:

  • building a birdhouse;
  • painting a chalkboard wall;
  • changing cabinet hardware;
  • doing rainy day crafts with your kids;
  • teaching your kids DIY skills; and
  • turning a bookcase into a bar. 

Build a Birdhouse for a Fun DIY

Building a birdhouse is a great idea if you are looking for fun things to do at home on a rainy day. This is one of those fun DIYs you can do with your kids or on your own, and you have tons of options for DIY birdhouse plans.

Building a birdhouse is a nice rainy day project because it is relatively simple. You might be able to complete this fun DIY job with materials you already have around the house, and it does not require an expensive toolkit. Depending on the plan you choose, you might need some hand tools, a cordless drill and a compact circular saw.

Rainy Day Craft Ideas Include Painting a Chalkboard Wall

A rainy day could provide the perfect opportunity to create a chalkboard wall in your home. This could be a good idea for a child’s room or a playroom. You might also paint a chalkboard wall somewhere in your kitchen as a place to write reminders, meal plans, and shopping lists.

To complete this rainy day craft idea, all you need is a can of chalkboard paint and the same painting supplies you would need for any interior paint project. You could even make your own chalkboard paint if you want to save some money and add an extra step to your rainy day DIY. 

Change Cabinet Hardware on a Rainy Day

If your cabinet hardware is old or you just want to change from knobs to pulls, a rainy day is a good time to work on this project. This is an easy DIY that just requires you to have the replacement hardware and a screwdriver. If you want to make this rainy day project even easier, you could consider using a tool like the 4V Cordless XTD Xtended Reach Driver

Do Rainy Day Crafts Projects With Your Kids

There are lots of fun things to do at home on a rainy day besides watching TV. Even if you are not looking to build or improve anything, you still have a range of rainy day craft ideas that can keep you and your kids busy. 

You could keep it simple and use some construction paper to do any number of art projects, or use the rainy day as a chance to teach your children how to sew. You and your kids could take some scrap wood to make picture frames or you could use the wood to make any number of toys your children will enjoy.

Turn a Bookcase into a Bar

If you are looking for DIY things to do on a rainy day and have an old bookcase that is taking up storage space, take the opportunity to turn it into a bar. Depending on the bookcase, you might need to adjust or remove some of the shelves to provide enough space. Once you have it adapted to the structure of a bar, you can sand it with your multi-sander and apply a new finish. 

This small bar can be the perfect touch for an entertainment room, and it is a simple rainy day project that can be completed in just a few hours. Since you are building it yourself, you can even customize your bookcase bar with racks for stemware and wine or build out a space to fit a mini fridge. 

Teach Your Kids DIY Skills on a Rainy Day

If your kids are a little older and you need some DIY things to do on a rainy day, you could use the time to start teaching them DIY skills. Take them out to your garage workshop to start teaching them how to use basic hand tools. You could also set up work supports with some scrap wood to let them practice skills like drilling holes and driving screws. As your child learns more DIY skills and gets more capable, you will have a wider range of fun DIYs and projects that you can work on as a team.

A rainy day might be a bit of a downer when it comes to doing things outside, but that does not mean you have to view the day as a loss. There are tons of fun things to do at home on a rainy day. Many of them are also good for getting some home improvement work done or for spending quality time with your kids.


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Easy and Fun DIY Projects for Rainy Days
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Easy and Fun DIY Projects for Rainy Days
Our favorite DIY things to do on a rainy day include building a birdhouse, painting a chalkboard wall, changing cabinet hardware, doing rainy day crafts with your kids, teaching your kids DIY skills, and turning a bookcase into a bar.
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