Naturally Kill and Prevent Weeds Without Chemicals

Weed control is one of the most difficult parts of maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn or garden. These unwanted plants are not only unsightly, but they also take space and nutrients away from the plants you do want. 

When working to build the ideal lawn or garden, you may need to employ a variety of strategies to kill weeds. With the 56V 13” Cordless String Trimmer & Wheeled Edger, you can easily cut weeds down to reduce the problem. That said, some weeds will just grow back.

To learn how to control weeds, you are going to want to do more than just cut them down after they grow. You will need a range of strategies to prevent and remove weeds in your yard. 

In this post, we will offer gardening advice for natural weed control strategies. With these methods, you will learn how to get rid of weeds naturally and without the need for harsh chemicals that can be harmful to animals, the plants you want or the environment.

The first steps for how to get rid of weeds naturally include: 

  • weeding by hand;
  • laying mulch;
  • using cornmeal gluten, heat treatments, or weed control fabric;
  • looking into DIY weed killers and natural herbicides; 
  • and maintaining your lawn.

Weeding By Hand

Pulling weeds by hand is one of the basics of weed control, and is probably the most obvious way of how to kill weeds without chemicals. Since some weeds can grow back from roots that are left behind, you need to make sure to pull the entire weed up with the roots. This can be hard work, but there are tools that can make it easier. Even a simple garden trowel can help you remove the entire weed.

Laying Mulch Kills Weeds Without Chemicals

Laying mulch in your garden can be a good way to prevent weeds from growing. A nice wood or bark mulch can maintain the soil for your garden while also making it difficult for weeds to grow. You could even choose a compost mulch to feed the plants you want while smothering the weeds. If you choose to use your own compost, a leaf blower and mulcher could be helpful since it will turn organic matter into mulch immediately.

Use Cornmeal Gluten for Weed Control

If you’re researching how to kill weeds without chemicals, cornmeal gluten is one great way to do so. This is a product you would use to kill weeds before they grow. It is a byproduct of the corn milling process, and it works as a natural pre-emergent weed killer. 

With cornmeal gluten, you are applying a treatment that inhibits the growth of the roots. The idea is to apply this treatment early in the season to keep the weeds from sprouting. It is important to note that cornmeal gluten can also affect the seeds of other plants. For that reason, you would not want to apply this product if you are planning to seed your lawn.

Weed Control Fabric

Laying down landscaping fabric can be one of the most effective methods for natural weed control. If you’re looking for how to kill weeds without chemicals, consider this option. The fabric acts as a barrier to any weeds that may grow and it deprives them of sunlight and nutrients. It can work well in garden beds when covered in mulch, or it can also work to prevent weeds from growing in a gravel path. 

DIY Weed Killers and Natural Herbicides

You also have a range of DIY weed killers and natural herbicides you could use. A solution of one part salt to two parts water can be an effective weed spray. You don’t want to coat your lawn or garden with it, but you can put it in a spray bottle to kill weeds individually. 

Another option is to put some household vinegar in a spray bottle with a squirt of dish soap. Vinegar is an effective natural herbicide, and the soap will help the spray to stick to the leaves. If regular vinegar doesn’t work, you could upgrade to horticultural vinegar.

Heat Treatments Get Rid of Weeds Naturally

Different heat treatments can be used to get rid of weeds naturally. If you don’t want to buy any special equipment for weed control, something as simple as pouring boiling water on a weed can be effective. Beyond that, you also have tools like steam guns and flame wands that can be used to kill weeds.

Keep Weeds Under Control With Lawn Maintenance

Having a strong and healthy lawn is one of the best ways to prevent weeds in your yard. When the grass is strong, there is less room for the weeds to sprout. That means you need to maintain the right schedule for watering, seeding, and fertilizing your lawn. You’ll also want to have a good lawn mower that allows you to cut the grass to the right height. 

If you are trying to maintain a healthy lawn or garden, the fight against weeds is never done. Even with the best efforts to prevent them, weeds can be persistent. These tips will make it easier to leverage natural weed control so you don’t have to resort to chemicals that can damage the environment.


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Naturally Kill and Prevent Weeds Without Chemicals
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Naturally Kill and Prevent Weeds Without Chemicals
The first steps for how to get rid of weeds naturally include weeding by hand, laying mulch, using cornmeal gluten, heat treatments, or weed control fabric, looking into DIY weed killers and natural herbicides, and maintaining your lawn.
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