TURBINE 56V Leaf Blower Listed #1 by Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics made the WORX TURBINE 56V Cordless Leaf Blower #1, on its list of “8 Best Battery-Operated Leaf Blowers ” on popularmechanics.com.

From PM:

The 8 Best Battery-Operated Leaf Blowers

A new generation of electric blowers can whoosh away just about anything. Here’s the one you should buy.

After testing eight next-generation cordless blowers, it’s clear that we’ve reached a new age of outdoor power equipment. Gas-engine blowers are still the most powerful, but for a wide range of medium-duty jobs (sweeping out the garage, clearing a dryer duct, light leaf cleanup), a battery-powered blower is plenty capable, not to mention faster and easier. We ran four tests, the toughest of which timed how quickly we could clear 6 cubic feet of hay from a 400-square-foot patch of lawn. Okay, the toughest was actually when we used each machine to try to slide a brick over concrete with the blower at a fixed position—unfair, but many managed to do it. Which means they shouldn’t have a problem with whatever foliage falls from your oak tree.

Best Overall: Worx WG591


WORX TURBINE 56V Cordless Leaf Blower
WORX TURBINE 56V Cordless Leaf Blower

5 Stars


Air speed: 125 mph

Volts: 56

Weight: 8 lb

Hay: 32 sec

Brick? Yes, 15 in.

Likes: Outstanding power-to-weight ratio combined with a highly productive airstream. We used the Worx to clean up what other blowers left behind.

Dislikes: We prefer to control blower output with the trigger, rather than the separate adjuster the Worx uses, which sometimes needed to be switched off before the blower would turn on.

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