WORX 56V Mower in Extreme How-To Magazine 2

WORX 56V Mower in Extreme How-To Magazine

The April issue of Extreme How-to Magazine featured the WORX 56V Mower (WG772) it its “New Yard & Garden Equipment” article. Extreme How-To noted the 56V Mower’s list of features, including:

The all new NutriCut system features dual-edge mulching blades to help provide natural lawn fertilization. Also, the Intellicut feature is a torque-on-demand system that monitors the mower’s need for torque. No more bogging down when mowing tall or thick grass. Homeowners simply set the dial to POWER when conditions call for more torque, or switch to ECO mode for everyday use. The durable steel mower decks feature 10-in. high rear wheels and 7-in. front wheels. The mower also has a quick connect washout port that makes is easy to keep the underside of your mower nice and clean. Includes a 3-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee.

Learn more about the WORX WG772 56V Cordless Mower at worx.com.

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